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Mammoth Gravity Battles
Mammoth Gravity Battles


Sept 2015 - Steam Greenlight Campaign

We have a Stema Greenlight Campaign over at . We need every vote to make Mammoth GRavity Battles a success on PC, Mac and Linux, please help.

Aug 2015 - New Game Trailer

We have a new Game trailer for the PC/Mac/Linux versions, check it out:

Aug 2015 - Released on Android Play Store

Released on Google Play Store for Android

July 2015 - Windows Store Updated

Resolved the issues, and now Mammoth Gravity Battles is updated on the win8 store: Windows App Store

July 2015 - Released on Amazon Kindle Store

So I submitted to the Amazon Android Store, and will submit to the google android store this weekend. If you have a kindle fire, the game works very nicely on these devices. Annoyingly my update to the windows 8 store got rejected, something about back button not doing the right thing - fussy Microsoft, so I'll have to fix that.

May 2015 - Tutorial Bubbles

So I was watching a couple of you tube reviews of the demo, and boy are people confused by my game. I have been planning to include a more guided tutorial, so this is the push I needed, and I think it makes a big difference.

Mar 2015 - Back working on Mammoth Gravity Battles

OK, so a while ago I put this on the Windows App stores and then the real world got in the way and I have only recently come back to Mammoth Gravity Battles. Based on feedback I have made some improvements in terms of the interface, the most important being an aim assist guide line for the 3D mode. I was originally quite against this, I felt it would make the game too easy, but the 3d mode is so tricky it actually works. I tried it in the 2d game and it does make the 2d game too easy, so I don't use it there. There are some other usability improvements, fine power adjustment icons, mouse over previous shots, rotate view in aim mode and some re-balancing of the gameplay. Now I am working on testing and bug fixing the android version, hope to submit to the store very soon.

July 2014 - Released on Windows Store

Mammoth Gravity Battles is now out, on Windows store for Windows 8 desktop, tablet and phone

June 2014 - Dev update

The Campaign levels are now complete and I am now doing final testing with a view to releaseing to Windwos Mobile and Windows 8 Metro in the next couple of weeks.

8th Dec 2013 - New Demo

Try the new demo, which shows off five levels from the campaign, both 2d and 3d levels.

17nd Nov 2013 - Dev update

I am about half way through the campaign levels. I am very pleased with most of them, there are a few that need some more work. The tutorial levels and target practice levels are great fun and a lovely change of pace from shooting at things that fire back, but have a challenge of their own.

22nd Aug 2013 - Dev update

Work has started on the campaign levels, these will take the player through every feature of the game and present new challenges. Here is one of the tougher enemy ships you will face the mammoth cruiser.

22nd June 2013 - Dev update

Until now, the levels of Mammoth Gravity Battles have been laid out fairly simplistically, usually placing planets at random and maybe a star or gas giant at the centre. I want the capability to layout with more control and structure, especially for the various campaign levels where I want each location to feel different and present a new challenge to the player. That's the plan anyway. So the new layout engine is shaping up; it can generate the shapes and structures and importantly set-up realistic gravitational motion. Using this, I can populate levels with interesting shapes such as asteroid belts or planetary rings and set them orbiting. I've been pushing the many body gravitational simulation to its limits – its likely some of these more complex scenarios with hundreds of asteroids won't be achievable on mobile, but if my little laptop can manage them, most PCs should be fine. I've got some plans to make the many body gravitational simulation less demanding on the processor, so I might be able to achieve more in the future. An example of the more advanced layout: A star surrounded by an asteroid belt makes for an interesting battleground. The asteroids orbit under the gravity of the star.

24th May 2013

We now have a newsletter service Sign up and you'll be kept up-to-date with all progress.

23rd May 2013

Our first Youtube gameplay video shows a nice example of the gameplay, with two teams of mammoths shooting it out. Our main page also links to a new demo, which is well worth trying.

15th May 2013

Finished the new website, its looking much better now. One thing I didn't manage (this time) is an animated gif for the logo, but maybe thats for the best...

10th April 2013

Been reworking the AI, it was fine in 2D but dreadfully bad in 3D - I've finally got it to the point where it will hit on most shots on the most difficult setting. I want games to feel very real, I don't want the kind of impossible shots you see in some artillery games. Also it mst improve in a natural way, shots getting more accurate each turn. I'm trying to achieve this by givign the AI a randomly altered copy of the game objects to work with - each ship and planet is randomly moved a little and has a differnet mass than the real. Then the AI attempts to hit the target. This way, I can make the AI estimates that it bases its shot calculates on increasingly accurate, making it seem its getting btter each go. It's working rather well. The image below shows the calculations you can't normally see for the AI, lots of attempted shot paths in all directions.

24th March 2013

Gravity battles is an old java applet, I wrote long ago, and is effectively the prequal to Mammoth Gravity Battles. I've just put it on Game Jolt. It is alot simpler than Mammoth Gravity Battles, but the basic gameplay is there, and it is still fun.